Every Business has Rhythm!!

Team Building & Stress Relief through Rhythm Events....
In company-speak, what our professionally trained facilitators technically do is team enhancement by social and emotional skill building delivered in a framework of drumming presented using an evidence-based protocol.

Straight forward....our facilitator gathers the event participants and, after going over a basic agenda, terminologies and a few drum playing hints, we dive right in with an icebreaker rhythm game. After the laughter quiets down, the facilitator pulses a new drum rhythm, the group jams and afterwards we debrief, listening to and coaching around the observations. As the session continues, the participants find easier interaction and cooperation, creativity is evident as participants realize their individual contribution is important, and....they find themselves smiling!!

Take-aways from the team building FUN Rhythms sessions include:
    Improved morale
      Clearer communication
        Greater cooperation
          Creative thinking
            Less 'silo' thinking
              Decreased work group stress

Interactive empowerment drumming offers a powerful way for individuals to creatively connect to their colleagues in a non-competitive, cooperative way.

How can fostering this kind of interaction among your employees help your business?

Basic Coaching Skills training and DiSC Behavioral Profile training are also available.
Both of these half-day classes are supported by rhythmic breakouts :)


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