Spirit has FUN Rhythms!!

Seasonal Drum Circles, Rhythm Church, & Celebrations!!
Drumming may easily be the oldest form of active prayer & celebration known to humanity. It is very powerful when used as a prayerful device, to touch your sacred circles of loved ones, family, friends, and commune with Spirit in a unique and personal way.

Drumming allows us to get out of our heads, re-connect with heart & soul, and feel communion with others and with Spirit. Using a drum helps us express, visualize and feel our prayers to God.

To begin a prayerful drumming experience, focus on your relationship with the Divine as beloved, visualize the result you are seeking and wrap your intention in prayer while drumming. Focus, visualization, and intent, when synchronized with tone and rhythm, all combine into a prayerful expression which allows wonderful changes to happen all around you.

Drumming alone is powerful, however drumming in groups seems to multiply that power through relationship. Fun Rhythms facilitators are uniquely qualified to lead a Spiritual Directed rhythm-event for your group.

Whether "Rhythm Church," a drum circle, or a celebration of life, let us gather in Jesus' name and let his Holy Spirit lead.


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