Welcome to the FUN Rhythms website!!

The human experience is a world of rhythm....
Our heartbeat, the seasons, ocean waves, from oscillating crystals creating timing pulses in electronic devices, to the pulse of everyday life, we live in a world of rhythm!! With the foundation of rhythm, music is the universal language that transcends barriers, traditional or otherwise.
Backed by scientific research, we know that rhythm-based events carry many benefits including stress reduction, improved communication, better cooperation, enhanced creativity, promotion of health & healing and connectivity with Spirit.

FUN Rhythms, through our offerings, is dedicated to having fun while building a percussion rhythm-platform that serves the purpose you are seeking. Please take a bit of time and explore our website and learn how together we can have FUN with Rhythm and grow along the way!!

The FUN Rhythms mission is to create a safe space of encouragement where participants can explore their individual drumming creativity while participating in community thereby experiencing relationship, promoting wellness, stress release, and spiritual connectivity.


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